Pink Alpaca

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

New purse

I finally finished this purse! I don't know why I was so unmotivated to finish it. I even took it to London so that I would have something to do on the plane, but I was too tired. In my bag it sat.

I started using the Sophie's Bag pattern, but wanted something more trapezoid-like, and I wanted something with a long strap. Clutch purses are cute, but they stink when you have to carry groceries, a niece, etc.

The yarn was so beautiful that it made me nervous to felt it. For those of you who aren't knitters, felting involves throwing a knitted item into the washing machine on the hot/cold, high agitation cycle. It shrinks the item significantly, and makes the stitches disappear to create felt. (The fiber has to be 100% animal fiber, usually wool, in order for felting to happen.) The item becomes dense and sturdy. So, if you've ever wondered why the label on your sweater says "Hand Wash Only," that's why. Of course, for fun, you can felt an old sweater and actually cut shapes out of it and they won't unravel. You can then sew those shapes together to make something, like a purse, or maybe even sew some shapes onto a shirt or bag.

Here are the before and after photos:

I love the colors. Usually I don't like variegated yarn. I like to control how something will turn out. But you have to see the bag in person to appreciate the boldness of these colors. I tried to take a close-up photo but it didn't do them justice. The dye is so fresh and vibrant. I like the bag so much that I might actually keep it for myself.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Guess who I met today?

Hubby and I went to Granbury today to attend their autumn festival, and you'll never believe who we got to meet:

Peter Mayhew! Chewbacca!

We had just arrived at the festival in the downtown square. We were heading into the craft/food booths when hubby said, "Kara, it's Peter Mayhew!"

We walked over to his booth and saw that we could get a photo with him - autographed - for only $20. We couldn't pass that up. We sat down, his wife took the pic, and we visited with him for a bit while we waited for it to print. I'd heard that he was a shy guy and it's true. But he was really kind and seemed to be enjoying the afternoon. His booth wasn't swamped with people. I'm sure it'd be worse at a Star Wars convention. But this was relaxed and a lot of fun.

Chewy. In Granbury, Texas. How cool is that?

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Why knit when you can go to the Fair?

I haven't had much to post lately, as far as knitting is concerned. I finished another bib but it's not much different from the last one. I'm working on a cool purse, though:

I bought the yarn with the intent of knitting something for myself. I have a habit of finishing something, then thinking, "so-and-so would really like this...", and then I can't help but give it away.

We went to the State Fair of Texas the other day. I absolutely love the fair. Where else can you go for fried pralines and a life-sized butter sculpture of Marilyn Monroe?

We also saw the Cardstacker, the guy who holds various world records for stacking playing cards. He was recreating the Dallas skyline (indoors, not out in the wind) and it was awesome. We played some midway games and watched some vendors peddle their wares. The Sushi Master was pretty neat, even though I'm not a fan of sushi. I have issues with cold meat/fish.

I tried the Fried Coke but wasn't super-impressed. Yeah, Fried Coke. Basically they made doughnut holes with Coke in the batter, then covered them with Coke syrup, strawberry syrup, whipped cream and cinnamon. It was tasty, but I was disappointed that I couldn't taste the Coke in the dough.

If you go, try the fried pralines. They're scrumptious. Fried batter goodness on the outside, gooey praline in the center. Mmm.