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Monday, January 22, 2007

It's freezing outside...must be time for the Stock Show

Nearly every year since I can remember, the arrival of the Stock Show means the arrival of cold weather and some form of freezing precipitation. But hubby and I braved the cold, windy night and made a trip to the show.

First we enjoyed the heated indoors and visited the various vendors. Whether you're looking for a new backhoe, goat pen, ranch fencing, hot tub, salsa maker, pink boots for an infant or a sign that says something like "My husband ran off with my best friend, and I sure do miss her," you can find it at the Stock Show.

We then visited the various animals in the non-heated adjacent building. It wasn't very full, yet. I suppose you have to visit on a competition day. But we did get to see goats, rabbits, chicks, pigs, sheep and ducks.

Here's a photo of the little piglets, at a rare moment when they weren't fighting for a primo spot under the heat lamp.

And this was the best part of our evening - watching a chick break free from its shell. It looks quite dead here, but I can assure you that he/she was wiggling around and nearly ready to try out its legs. It would have helped if its brother/sister, already fluffed-up and clean, weren't walking on it occasionally...

And now for the knitting part of this post. I knit another Mason-Dixon ballband dishcloth, this time in a hot green/periwinkle competition. I still need to weave in the ends.

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  • At 4:52 AM, Blogger Kathy in DC said…

    love it, love it, love it. Bright colors always look so great on these.


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