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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

I'm back

Hello, knitting world.

After a long hiatus, I'm knitting again. Not sure if anyone still reads this, but I thought I would try to get it running again.

I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism in September 2007. It probably developed years before that, but it wasn't until my hair started falling out that I began to wonder if something was wrong. Went to the doctor, began taking the medication for it, and it took over a year to get the dosage right. In the meantime, I continued experiencing the symptoms: extreme fatigue, dry skin, memory issues, weight gain, and random hair loss. The fatigue was ridiculous. I was so tired that I couldn't even get ready in the morning without taking breaks. Shower, lay down, dry my hair, lay down, put on makeup, lay down. That and the memory issues were the reason my knitting faltered. I just couldn't concentrate enough. I'd get in the middle of a row, and completely forget what I was doing. I made mistake after mistake after mistake. Knitting became frustrating, not relaxing, and I had to put it aside.

But I got better. ("She turned me into a newt!" "I got better.") And now that I feel better, I'm able to knit again and have fun doing it. Last month I finished two baby hats for a friend, and tonight I went to a local knitting group.

I think my thyroid is under control. My hair is getting thicker again, and my energy is so much better. I don't know if I'll ever lose all the weight that I gained, but I've lost some, and that is encouraging. I can't remember the last time I felt this good.

I'll wait and see if anyone still reads this thing. If not, I may close it, so please leave a comment if you stop by. Thanks!


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