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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The basket runneth over

A 50% off sale - huzzah!

In the top left corner: I saw the turquoise and magenta and had visions of a windbreaker suit that I had in the early 90s (every cool middle schooler had one!). I need to find a kitschy pattern for this bag. It's gonna be a riot. Maybe I can find my old NKOTB buttons and pin them on...

In the top right corner is a lovely heathered brown. In the spirit of Ugg and all things sheepskin, I'm going to pair it with the white nubbly stuff for a small clutch.

Continuing clockwise, you'll see some red Cascade and some Berroco. I have a relative with a July birthday, so I wanted to make a little Fourth of July bag for her.

The Misti Alpaca will help finish out a hat that I'm working on.

And, finally, I'm thrilled to say that I could finally afford to purchase some bison yarn. This stuff is amazing. After knitting your garment, you give it a quick agitation in warm water, a quick fluff in the dryer, and then lay it flat to dry. What you end up with is a silky soft, fluffy, very smooth fabric. Come to think of it...214 yards simply isn't enough. I need another skein...

On top of all this, I'm trying to knit purses for my friend's bridesmaids. They're quick projects, but I struggle to knit a pattern more than twice. I get so bored. And now I have all this promising, fresh yarn beckoning me to start something new. Must. Finish. Bridesmaid purses. Then reward myself with more bison yarn.


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